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Aussie mates, Steve Beck and Dael Oates  started their creative journey in Sydney, at the Oscar winning animation studio, Animal Logic (The Matrix, Moulin Rogue!, Happy Feet, The Lego Movie, Lego Batman). It was here Dael and Steve’s thirst for storytelling, animation and the power of memorable characters was instilled into them from working along side  other talented artists creating world renowned animated films.  


From there, Dael became an award winning Commercial and Short film Director and father of three!  Steve an award winning Head of Animation, at some of the top studios in the world and beloved uncle!  


However Dael and Steve’s true passion is to tell their own stories. So they started with this book, The Adventures of Cloud Girl.  A story about the power of imagination, told through the adventures of Susie and her shape-shifting pet cloud Fluffy.  


Although this book marks the first in a series of Cloud Girl adventures, it also ignites the collaboration on a number of other stories Steve and Dael are developing under their story collective, Left Shoe Lost.