We have a dream! To create an entertainment collective that brings together artists, writers and dreamers of every stripe to create stories to inspire our most imaginative audience...our kids.

Check out our first adventure!

The Adventures of Cloud Girl book

The Adventures of Cloud Girl is the first in a series of books that follows two unlikely friends as they use their imagination to play, create, make mischief and even help the environment.

Susie discovers that her new friend is more than just a fluffy white cloud. Sure, Fluffy loves to fetch and chase squirrels but the best thing of all is that Fluffy can become anything Susie can imagine under the sun! a cuddly teddy, or a small little mouse, a giant Fluffasaurus as big as a house!  a robot, or a digger, a monster with big teeth, even an eight legged tentacle beast!  

But what happens if the water runs low? Well Fluffy is a cloud after all, so they help the gardens to grow. Fluffy and Cloud Girl, the Environmental Crusaders.

Join Susie and Fluffy on their adventure, where the only limit is their imagination.